Introducing yourself and meeting people


How to go about introducing yourself is usually the first thing you learn when acquiring a new language. The reason is that usually presenting yourself or introducing someone else like a friend or coworker is probably the first thing you will need to do when meeting someone. We’ve created a list of expressions you can use when you come in contact with a new foreigner.


Nouns Example Translation
Who are you? “Hi. I’m Daisy. I work in the management office. Who are you?” ¿Tú quién eres?
Should I know you? “Hello my dear! How are you?”

“Excuse me. Should I know you from someplace?”

¿Te conozco?
I don’t think we’ve met. Hi. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Francisco and I’m the accountant. Welcome to the company.” Creo que no nos hemos presentado.
How do you do? “This is Mr. Holmes, the General Manager.”

“How do you do?”

¿Qué tal? o ¿Cómo está?

(formal y protocolario)

May I introduce you to…? “Mr. Hernández, may I introduce you to your coworkers?” Me gustaría presentarte con
Just … is OK. “Mrs. Sánchez, would you like some water?”

Just Samantha is OK. And yes, water would be fine.”

Solo Samantha.

(Es el equivalente a “háblame de tu.”)

Haven’t we met before? “Hi. I’m James. I’m the manager in this company.”

“Hi James, haven’t we met before? Your face looks familiar. “

¿Te conozco de algún lado?
I think we have.


Maybe. I think we have. Didn’t you study in UCLA? Posiblemente.
No, I don’t think so. Could be, but I don’t think so. I used to live in Chile. La verdad no creo.
I’d like you to meet “Hey Patrick, I’d like you to meet my boss. Patrick, this is Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns, this is Patrick. Patrick works in the maintenance department.” Me gustaría que conocieras a…
Long time, no see “Oh Sandra! What a surprise! Long time no see. How long has it been? Three years?”

“Yes about that time I think.”

Tanto tiempo sin verte.
You can call me … I’m Michael Jackson but you can call me Mike. Puedes llamarme Mike.
My friends call me… “Nancy, this is Mr. Anderson.”

“Hi, Nancy. My friends call me Adam.”

Mis amigos me dicen Adam.

(Me puedes llamar Adam.)


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